Attorney Patrice L. Goldman Reviews

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The following reviews for Attorney Patrice L. Goldman were posted on Avvo.


I have had the opportunity to work with numerous Attorney’s at Law over the past 20 years. Never have I meet one that was as responsive, caring, and above all, honest, as Patrice Goldman. So many times in life we come across people who put their interests above yours. Not Patrice. She was very factual, but above all — helpful and truthful. I highly recommend her. You won’t be sorry.


Excellent Consultation

Consulted with Pat regarding a potential workplace issue. Pat took the time to review the situation and offered very thoughtful advice even though there was no actual case at this time. I felt 100% better after the consultation. I would definitely refer Pat.


Great Job

Patricia represented us with an employer wage dispute. She was a pleasure to work with and found her to be very professional, caring, responsive and a great communicator. She was able to settle the case out of court with very respectable results. I would highly recommend her and would hire her again if ever needed.


Great confidence in Patrice

Patrice Goldman helped me enormously with an employment discrimination situation. She responded immediately, unlike most of the other lawyers I contacted, and asked incisive questions to quickly assess the problem. She explained clearly what the legal issues were and gave sensible and realistic advice on the options for how to respond to the situation. Pat has a smart, confident and kind manner, which was very reassuring at a very difficult time. In the end I didn’t pursue legal action but, if I had, I would have been completely confident to trust Patrice to act for me.


Great experience!

Pat Goldman was the only lawyer who listened to me and answered my questions clearly. She set up an appointment right away and went through everything with me. She kept me posted through the whole process and was great in explaining the various details and next steps.


Excellent Lawyer

Got the help that I needed at a critical time of my difficult work situation. I agree with other reviewers that Patrice is knowledgeable, honest, & compassionate. She took time out of her busy schedule to review my case. I owe the positive outcome largely to her advice. I would definitely recommend her!


Employment / HR Issue

Ms. Goldman was compassionate, efficient and very knowledgeable. She agreed to help me despite a full docket. She very quickly understood my situation with an abusive boss and helped me draft a letter getting to the heart of the issue.


The following reviews for Attorney Patrice L. Goldman were posted on YELP.

Patrice Goldman is exceptionally knowledgable and honest in her advice. She was patient and kind and listened to my situation free of charge. She could have been like a few other lawyers I called previously telling me I had a case to earn a few extra bucks, but Patrice did not. Patrice’s intention is to make a positive impact in peoples lives, not just the paycheck. Thank you again for hearing me out.

Lindsay S.,

What a knowledgeable professional Pat is. She responds quickly, explains the legal jargon well, answers any questions, and lets you know what parts of the document can be negotiable. I felt better about signing the document knowing she would have caught any issues. She is also so nice, witty, and funny. What a great find! I recommend her unconditionally.


Pat is truly amazing! She is very professional and also very knowledgeable. We met with many different attorneys before meeting Pat, and they were always so cold and only wanted to discuss their fees. Pat on the other hand has this comforting confidence without the coldness that the other attorneys had. I highly recommend Pat for any of your employment law issues.

Jonathan D.

Pat was an absolute pleasure to work with. I needed an attorney to read through my severance agreement which had some questionable clauses in it. We spoke that same day as an intro, I sent her my agreement and she was on it immediately. We went over it section by section in detail, with her explaining everything and giving her suggestions. She was responsive, understanding, and took immediate action. She was extremely well versed in employment law. She handled my situation with professionalism, action and grace.

Amy Q.

Pat met me where I was at during a time of real crisis in the workplace for me; not only did Pat validate my experience with kindness and honesty, but Pat also was experienced enough to essentially (and accurately) predict the responses and actions of my employer EVERY step of the way. I never thought I’d end up with the best case scenario with my employer, and I certainly didn’t expect to come out with a repaired relationship, and I ended up with both. Pat helped me legally, financially, emotionally and was more than worth every penny. Don’t hesitate to at least reach out — what else have you got to lose?

Liz B.

Pat was exactly the attorney I needed in a time of overwhelming stress. While most law offices I reached out to turned me down because I said I wanted to avoid litigation if at all possible, Pat took my case and took the care and effort to interview me and look at the evidence before presenting a forthright assessment of each of my legal avenues. In the end, she went above and beyond to help me settle for an amount I was very happy with quickly, while respecting my original ask. I was treated as a human being rather than just a client. If you need an attorney who will give you an honest assessment of your chances, not try to push you to do things you don’t want to, and work diligently to help you get what you deserve, call Pat.

Jesse H.

Pat is fabulous. She helped me with a company exit and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is smart, to the point and efficient. She has great experience and it shows. I would not go anywhere else!

Ashley B.

Patrice Goldman is an exceptional employment law lawyer whom I highly recommend. She has an excellent understanding of the law and offers sound advice and strategy. She is also kind, fair and responsive.

I can’t say enough good things about her!

The Juicetress Y.

Pat was wonderful to work with. She really helped with a difficult situation. She gave great advice, was always available and thorough when answering questions, and was really on our side. She made sure everything was covered and handled for us and made sure to explain each step of the process. Needing an attorney is sometimes not a joyful occasion, but Pat really made it as great as possible. It is important to note that she really came through with negotiations and did a tremendous job.

Marlon M.

I decided that I would only pursue my case if a lawyer would take my case on contingency. I called 5 law firms. All of them would take my case so I thought I had a good one.
The other 4 law firms were vague about how they would approach the case and tried to pressure me into signing an agreement that would leave with me very little if I won.
Pat, on the other hand, explained in plain English the merits of my case. She asked for a fair percentage if she won.
Once I hired her, she began her attack. She used argument and the law to pressure the company. In the end, we went to mediation and settled the case. She recommended that we go to trial. I am confident that she would have won. I, however, decided that I wanted to be done with it and move on. She was very supportive regardless of my decision.
She is not only a great lawyer. She is a great person.

Jeff B.

I had a great experience working with Pat. She was quick to respond to my initial request and was communicative throughout the process. She worked through my situation and we had a successful resolution.

She definitely knows her stuff and will be completely honest and realistic with you regarding whatever situation you might be in.

I would recommend her to anyone needing a labour lawyer. Do check her reviews on Avvo if you need more convincing.

Ryan J.

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Pat through a very stressful work situation that was compounded by the fact that I was dealing with a family illness at the same time. She was able to assist me through the process, obtaining an excellent outcome. Pat is thorough, realistic, responsive and caring. She was always there for me whenever questions arose, even to this day. I was referred to Pat through a friend and could not have asked for a better attorney. Her fees are reasonable and I never minded paying for her services. Thank you Pat- I would recommend your services to anyone who was in need of an excellent labor law attorney.

Beth E.

Pat is excellent. I really felt that she was there for me. She made me feel comfortable and assuaged my fear/stress while helping me navigate a completely foreign and scary situation. I am very grateful for her help. I would not hesitate to use her again in the future, and I’ve recommended friends to her who have had similar issues. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Pat.

Garrett H.

Pat Goldman is an exceptional Attorney. She is smart, funny and empathetic but most of all knows her stuff. I have recommended her many time to friends and colleagues who needed counsel or just had some employment law questions they needed answered. If you are looking for an employment lawyer who will be straight up with you about your case and will fight on your behalf not just for the money but because she believes it is the right thing to do, Pat Goldman is your person.

Gabriella C.

Nothing but good things to say about Pat. She’s the kind of non-flashy, fact-based lawyer you should be looking for. She didn’t always have an immediate answer, but she always knew how to find it. Her honesty and old-school work ethic make a difficult process enjoyable. Pat is a real pro. Highly recommended for any labor law cases.

Rick D.

If you would like to discuss your workplace situation with an experienced employment law attorney, please contact Patrice L. Goldman for a initial consultation. We look forward to helping you.