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California law is much more protective of employee rights than other states.

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Federal and state law prohibit treating an individual differently because they are a member of a certain group.

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Even if you are an “at-will” employee, your employer may not terminate or retaliate against you for a reason that violates the law.

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A breach of contract can occur where an employer fails to comply with the terms of a written contract between it and an employee.

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With limited exceptions, severance pay is not required; however, employers may offer it to avoid potential legal action. It is important employees understand both the terms and reasonableness of any such offer.

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An employee who engages in “protected activity” such as opposing discrimination, standing up for the rights of others, standing up for your own rights, raising claims of wrongdoing, or even just questioning whether conduct is legal, should be protected from retaliation.

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Pregnant employees are entitled to up to four months of pregnancy leave where the employee is disabled because of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition.

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California strives to protect the wages that are due and must be paid to employees.

If you believe your workplace rights have been violated, the Law Offices of Patrice L. Goldman, APC can provide the compassionate, experienced legal representation you need. Marin Employment Attorney Patrice L. Goldman will listen carefully to your situation and help you understand the law, your legal rights, and the possible options available to you. If you decide to move forward with legal action, she will aggressively represent you and help you reach a fair and equitable resolution.

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Since 1992, Pat Goldman has successfully represented hundreds of employees in a wide range of workplace issues. Her Marin County CA legal practice focuses exclusively on the employee side of employment law, which means that she is always her client’s strongest advocate. Her clients appreciate that she takes the time to fully respond to their questions and concerns, so that they understand how the law applies to their situation and can make smart, informed decisions.

If you are currently employed, Pat can provide the information you need to decide whether or not it makes sense to take legal action. If you are no longer employed, Pat can help you understand whether or not you have a claim and, if so, determine whether it makes sense to pursue it, both financially and emotionally. Her goal is to provide everyone who contacts her with the information they need to understand how the law may apply to their situation, so that they can make the wisest decision possible.

If you believe you may have a legal case against your employer and want to discuss your situation with an experienced employment attorney, Pat will make herself available to personally speak with you.

Marin Employment Attorney Pat Goldman has successfully represented individuals who have been wrongfully terminated, denied their wages, denied commissions, denied overtime pay, been sexually or racially harassed, experienced discrimination or retaliation in their employment, had a contract breached, been defamed at work, as well as other unfair workplace issues. She has also consulted with numerous employees who have been offered severance agreements, reviewed the agreement’s language, and provided guidance on whether it made sense to accept it.

Pat offers her services on both a contingency (her clients pay only if there is a favorable result) as well as an hourly basis.

If you would like to discuss your workplace situation with an experienced employment law attorney, please contact Pat Goldman for a quick initial consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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